Professional Water Services: Flushing, Portable Irrigation, Job Site Dust Control

Equipped with high-powered water/flusher trucks, Diamond Sweeping offers services for a variety of power washing, flushing, portable irrigation, and job site dust control needs.

Flushing Services

Our powerful flusher trucks flush debris from sidewalks, walkways, roadways, paths, loading docks, and more, making debris removal safe and easy. Thorough and efficient, our flushing services offer you a great way to enhance the overall quality, cleanliness, and safety of private and public spaces, including the removal of foul smells in city streets and the further spread of debris.

Portable Irrigation

Whether you are cultivating existing or newly established landscaped areas, protect your turf and plant materials investment with our ‘Water on Wheels’ custom scheduled watering services.

Helping you to reduce the liability and costs associated with establishing new growth, our experienced operators are committed to maintaining a schedule that works effectively to promote the growth of your newly laid sod or seeded lawns.

Job Site Dust Control

Working with contractors, construction crews, developers, city engineers and their work crews, property owners, and property management firms, Diamond Sweeping provides reliable job site dust control services to ensure you fulfill OSHA requirements for a safe and healthy environment for both the job site and surrounding populated areas. You can count on our well-maintained, high-powered equipment and skilled OSHA certified workers to professionally control dust and debris at your job site.