Jet Vac, Utility Potholing, Sewer and Catch Basin Cleaning

To ensure you can get everything you need from a single, reliable source, Diamond Sweeping also offers you professional Jet Vac (wastewater removal), Utility Potholing (air vacuum excavation), and Sewer and Catch Basin cleaning services.

Jet Vac

Rely on Diamond sweepings professional jet vac vacuuming and cleaning services for the removal of solids and semi-solids from lift stations, ejector pits, manholes, storm sewers, catch basins and all areas where sludge, heavy sediment, and other types of wastewater can build up.

Having worked for municipalities and a variety of commercial and industrial enterprises, Diamond Sweeping offers you a well-maintained fleet of high-powered trucks capable of jetting and vacuuming, along with a skilled team of OSHA certified operators.

Utility Potholing

Rely on Diamond Sweeping’s qualified, knowledgeable, and skilled Utility Potholing (air vacuum excavation) services.

Our more than 30 years of experience serving departments of transportation, international and regional airports, a variety of County Government agencies, the City of Chicago, utility companies, construction companies, and a wide array of industrial and commercial businesses is a testament to our regulatory knowledge and technical experience.

Completely safe and environmentally friendly, our utility potholing services help you to locate, expose, and map facilities easily and quickly. The air vacuum excavation process efficiently removes soil from the test hole to the truck’s holding tank all in under an hour per hole.

Sewer and Catch Basin Cleaning

Offering you fast, emergency service when you need it, as well as scheduled preventive maintenance service options, Diamond Sweeping keeps your sewers and catch basins working and flowing freely.

Providing service to Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Wisconsin, Diamond Sweeping already has experience you’re looking for, having worked on projects for IDOT, INDOT, WisDOT, City of Chicago, and various County Government Agencies.

Experienced and knowledgeable, we comply with the rules and regulations for each town or city we serve. And our reliable, cost-effective preventative maintenance programs are customized to follow your specific local guidelines, guaranteeing you meet the requirements for your community.

Our custom preventative maintenance program helps: