Sweeping, Pressure Washing, Debris Removal

What We Offer

Diamond Sweeping offers a wide array of sweeping, and debris removal services for road and pavement maintenance as well as post-construction cleaning. Our reliable, high-quality service offerings help you to avoid costly pavement repairs, harmful air quality working conditions, and fines due to non-regulatory compliance.

With a modern fleet of vehicles we can provide you with emergency and on-demand services as well as daily, weekly, monthly, and custom contract services to meet your exacting requirements.

Vacuum, Air and Mechanical Sweeping Services are available for:

Construction site maintenance and post-construction clean-up

Including parking lot, parking garage, road, sidewalk and walkway for Commercial, Retail, Shopping Malls, Strip Malls, Service Stations, Real Estate, Medical, Hotel, Municipal, Government, Schools, Apartment Complexes, Office Complexes, Industrial Parks, Special Events, Fairs

Including streets, sidewalks and walkways for Municipalities, Special Events, Commercial, Retail, Industrial, Residential and Private Communities

Department of Transportation / Municipalities Sweeping

Including highway, bridge, tunnel, road, construction site, parking lot, parking garage, street, sidewalk, pathway, and walkway

Including runway, taxiway, fueling area, parking lot, parking garage, road, sidewalk, walkway, and baggage claim; also Industrial Parks, Commercial and Hotel

Including parking lot, street, or any outdoor event facility

Environmental Cleaning Services

  • Jobsite dust/particulate matter control

  • Surface pressure washing

  • And more...

Custom Service Contracts

Designed to meet your specific needs, our flexible service contracts are available from once a month to seven days a week. Need additional services for bike paths or golf cart paths? Not a problem. We partner with you to ensure your custom service contract covers everything you need while allowing you to effectively manage costs.

Large Fleet, Well-Maintained

Equipped for all aspects of the project, Diamond Sweeping has mechanical power sweepers, regenerative air power sweepers, and vacuum filter power sweepers that can be used individually or in tandem depending on the requirements of your project. For highly trafficked pedestrian areas, we utilize air sweepers to ensure the safe management of potentially harmful airborne dust and particulate matter and the removal of fine matter that can create slip-and-fall incidents. Our high-powered water/flusher trucks are available for power washing and dust control.

Professional, Motivated Operators

Our dedicated workforce is motivated to reflect pride in the work they do by performing services at the highest possible level. Diamond Sweeping is confident and proud of its family of operators and the exceptional work provided by each one. In keeping with our culture of respect, our operators extend that respect to the job they do for you.

Health & Safety

Our expert removal of debris and litter prevents pollutants from infecting the air and entering waterways. Communities with close proximity to public waterways and/or reservoirs can benefit greatly from the knowledgeable expertise and high level of we provide. For maximum environmental benefit, air sweepers are used when possible to maintain a safe level of air quality control and the removal of fine matter that can cause pedestrian slips and falls.